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ConFloor FH

Abrasion Resistant Mineral Based Dry Shake Floor Hardener


ConFloor FH is a specially formulated product containing accurately weighed cementitious materials and a high-quality natural aggregate, which is a pre-mixed, ready to use powder designed to be applied as a dry shake over freshly floated concrete floor or floor screed to obtain an aesthetically pleasing, colored floor with significant improvement in its abrasion resistance. It is a nonmetallic floor hardener used to form monolithically hardened concrete floors. ConFloor FH provides a hardened abrasion resistant surface and can also be used to inhibit dust formation.

Usages Area:

 ConFloor FH ensures that the hard-wearing surface bonds monolithically to the base concrete. It is ideally suited for all industrial areas subjected to heavy traffic, e.g. workshops, warehouses, car parks, garages, production areas, hospitals, schools, commercial floors, shopping centers, loading bays, industrial complexes etc.


  • Supplied ready to use — no additives required • Provides a hard, abrasion resistant surface • Forms monolithic bond with fresh concrete base • Non-metallic aggregate — will not rust when wet • Non dusting • Anti-slip


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