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Con-Lub SR (retarding admixture)

a water-reducing & anti-corrosive concrete admixture, ASTM C-494

Con-Lub SR is mainly composed of 2, 3, 4 Hydroxyl Stearato polycarboxalate, competitive grafts-able emulsified monomers of salts & Ester of Fatty acids & oils, etc.; for very special properties, different ingredients remain in grafted from with the main polymer chain.

Con-Lub SR is white in colour, liquid is paste like mass, depending on temperature. It is partial soluble in water. It is used in Reinforced Cement-Concrete, Cement-Concrete and plastering, etc. in a word, for all kind of concrete. There is no health hazard.

Con-Lub SR is linear polymerizer between cross-linked small lumps in the concrete masses. It  also reduces water-cement ratio remarkably, procuring satisfactorily high work-abilities and strength of concrete.


Composition of Con-Lub SR Minimum Qty (%)
2, 3, 4- Hydroxy Tristearato  amine polycarboxalate ether 44-47%
Diamino lauayl oxalate 0.6%
Diamino citrate 3-4%
Excluding leadazole aluminous derivatives of leadazole 2,3-dinitro methylethyl-4,5, dicarboxylic acid [patent No.20/94 (serial no. 1002563) int.Gl⁵ E02D 31/02] 0.005%
Hydrolised TRO (sulfonated) 0.25%
Poly trihydric alcohol 0.25%
Hydroxilated copper tetraamino luauyl EC 0.4%  to 0.6%
Others 12%-15%
Catalyst & Auto-catalyst 0.6%
Rest are water  31.695%
The percentages of different compounds may vary depending on the required properties variation.



  • Set Retarder
  • Water reducing
  • Early & ultimate high strength
  • Works as resistant to the chloride, sulfate, carbonate salts etc of sodium and potassium;
  • Reduces thermal raising & Protect concrete from the effect of heat of hydration
  • Reduces void, porosity, honey-combs & hair cracks
  • Partial auto curing
  • Stop corrosion of concrete & Works as antirust and auto-remover of rust;
  • Helps in perfect compaction, Monolithic bonding
  • Reduces water cement ratio with high wok abilities and high water cement ratio tolerance
Technical Data
Appearance White or a little deviation in colour & liquid to paste like mass depending on temperature
Specific Gravity 1.07±0.01  at 20 ° C
pH value 4.5±0.01
Alkali Content (%) No affecting alkali
Chloride Content (%) 0.0 (Zero), expressed as a percentage by mass of total admixture.

 Usages Area

 Con-Lub SR is used to increase workability without loss of strength or to enable water reduction for the sameworkability resulting in dense rheodynamic concrete with highultimate strength. This product is very useful for distance transported pumping concrete, high fluidity concrete, self-leveling concrete, plain concrete, pilling, superstructure, Ready mix concrete, Bridge, culvert, dams concrete etc. in a word in all field of cement using where water pressure is less & thick & rich.

Suitable for concrete in strength class of 30-50 N/mm2


 The optimum dosage of Con-Lub SR to meet specific requirements should always be determined by trials using the materials and conditions that will be experienced in use. As a guide, the rate of addition is generally in the range of 0.6-1.5% by weight of cement depending on the function. Sets very early with moderate dosage. There may be retarding effect on the setting time with high dosage


Tested by BUET ( As per ASTM specifications)
Compressive Strength Test- ASTM  C39
Water Reducing Test- ASTM C494
Retarder Test – ASTM C191
Auto Curing Test – ASTM C39
Water Proof Test  – As per BUET Specifications
Anti Corrosive Test- CPMR Method, BUET
No hazards and not inflammable  (Tested by BCSIR)
No health hazards and environment friendly (Tested by BCSIR)
Safe to handles and non- hazardous (Tested by BUET)
If spread in mouth or eyes, wash by much water; before taking food, hands should be washed out properly with soap or detergent.

Health & Safety


200 kg and bulk supply


Con – Lub has a minimum self live of 2 years provided temperature is keep within the range 10 ° C – 45 ° C. in normal & dry place.


All BCCL Technical Data Sheets are updated on regular basis; it is the user’s responsibility, to obtain the most recent issue. Field services where provided, does not constitute supervisory responsibility, for additional information contact your local BCCL representative.



Whilst any information contained herein is true, accurate and represents our best knowledge and experience, no warranty is given or implied with any recommendations made by us, our representatives or distributors, as the conditions of use and the competence of any labour involved in the application are beyond our control.


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