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Water-proofing & Heat Insulation

About Water-proofing & Heat Insulation

Remove existing CC/patent stone/neat cement finishing on the top slab. Chipping and clean the surface of base concrete properly. Supply Desalt-S01 and Foam-Lub (Meta) of Baral Chemicals for Anti-Salinity, Heat insulating & Water proofing treatment at roof of buildings. To Prepare a mixture in proportion of 1 liter of Desalt-S01, 10 liter of water and 25 ml of Catalyst. Apply 1 Coat of the mixture within 2 hours of Preparation with a Jute Brush/Broom all over the roof surface.To Prepare a mixture of Curdy- Dense Foam-Lub (Meta) Cement grout in proportion of 2 liters of Foam-Lub (Meta), 40 liters of Water and 1 bag or 50 Kgs of cement. Apply prepared Cement Grout with a broom on Roof surface. After applying Cement Grout, make 3” CC patent stone casting ( Ratio 1:2:4). To prepare a mixture of Concrete in proportion of 750 ml Foam-Lub (Meta) with 50 Kg of Cement. Chips size is 1/2” down. Wire Mesh (22 Gage) or Expending Metal Net (1″ to 1.5″gap) have to use in middle position of the patent stone. Curing properly and Use the mixture within 1 hour of preparation. Coverage Desalt-S01 350-400 sft/ltr& Foam-Lub (Meta) 500-1000 ml per bag of cement.

Permanently prevent from salt, Heat reducing, Water proofing, and Damp proofing, Reduce heat of hydration, Partial auto curing, Super monolithic bonding of new and old concrete.

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