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Water Reducing Admixture

About Water Reducing Admixture

  1. Water-reducing admixtures are used to increase the strength and workability of concrete and to reduce cost. They consist of certain organic compounds or mixtures of organic and inorganic compounds to reduce the water requirement of the mixture for a given slump. Reduction in water demand may result in a reduction in the w/cm for a given slump and cement content, an increased slump for the same w/cm and cement content, or a lower cement content (cost saving) at a constant w/cm and slump (ACI 212.3R). Our Conlub SR line of products encompasses a group of polycarboxylate based, high performing, water-reducing concrete admixtures. From conventional to high-strength, self-consolidating concrete our Conlub SR products are specially formulated to provide full range water reduction with a variety of cementitious materials allowing for ultimate versatility. As the world’s largest supplier of polycarboxylate technology developed specifically for cement and concrete production we truly understand the building blocks of polymer design. The result is products that are less sensitive to the many variables that can affect concrete, providing our customers greater consistency.


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