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Anti-termite Liquid

About Anti-termite Liquid

Description of Item

Its ingredients make chemosterilised feelings, repellence & instant death of a few insects specially, efficiently and effectively destroys the colonies , stops food intake , prevent the growth & attack of termite including other earth habitant insects etc. when mixed up with soil its solubility gradient stands 3×10−28 Like potassium glass which is to say practically insoluble in water but good enough to get the effects non violate & permanent existence with silicone materials in soil; hence it continue the effects at least 20 (Twenty years), residual ingredients are micro-nutrients of the plants ; as a result its becoming very much environment friendly, per, permanent economic in long run & easy procedure to use for new construction.


Usages Area

Unappreciable colour after use, the prevention of growth and penetration of termite; efficiently and effectively destroy and prevents the attack of termite , cockroaches and other insects; non-violate and permanent existence in soil; environment friendly chemical, economic and easy procedure to use for construction. Generally usages in ground floor, plinth, outside trench of construction

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