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Roof Gardening

About Roof Gardening

Supply Desalt-S01, Hydroseal Ef-32, and Foam-Lub of Baral Chemicals and associates materials (Coal-Tar, Kerosin) for treatment for water Proofing Felt membrane and Anti-Salinity at Basement floor. To Prepare a mixture in proportion of 1 liter of Desalt-S01, 10 liters of water and 25 ml of Catalyst. Apply 1 Coat of the mixture within 2 hours of Preparation with a Jute Brush. To Prepare a mixture of 4 liters of Hydro seal Ef-32, 4 liters of water, and 100 ml of T-Catalyst and 50 ml of R-Catalyst in a Bucket. In another Bucket Prepare a mixture of 4 liters of Coal-tar and 1 liter of Kerosin, Mix the elements of the Buckets together properly. Apply 3 Coats of prepared mixture with Jute Brush on the floor surface at an interval of 12 hours; water will be reduced by 2 liters in the 2nd Coat and without water in the 3rd Coat. After applying 3rd coat, spread cement on it and make 3” CC casting. To prepare a mixture of Concrete in proportion of 500 ml Foam-Lub with 50 Kg of Cement. Coverage (Hydro-Seal, Ef-32) 20 sft/ltr.

Permanently prevent from damp, 100% water proofing and damp proofing, Monolithic bonding with concrete and creates cement gumming effects, Protect the slab from damp if you make swimming pool and gardening.

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