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Fair-face Brick Surfaces

One Stop Flooring Solution for Kitchen, Storeroom and Any Other Possible Place to Scratch

Fair-face Brick Surfaces

Supply Desalt-S01 and Hydro-Seal,Ef-34 of Baral chemicals for Machine Made/Ceramic  brick face treatment on claded or normal exposed fair face brick and sand stone to prevent salinity, water absorption and growth of algae. Prepare a mixture in proportion of 1 liter of Desalt-S01, 10 liter of Water and 25ml or 1 point/mark of Catalyst. Apply one coat of mixture with a jute brush or spray. Use the mixture within 2 hours of preparation. After 12 hours of application, clean the surface with water using soft brush. Wait 4 days minimum for drying the surface. On dried up surface, apply one coat of Hydro-Seal, Ef-34 mixture prepared in proportion of 1 litre of Hydro-Seal Ef-34, 6 litre of water and 25 ml or1 point/mark of T. catalyst using jute brush. After one day apply second coat of Hydro-Seal, Ef-34 mixture prepared in proportion of 1 liter of hydro-Seal, Ef-34, 5 liter of water & 25 ml or 1 point/mark of T. catalyst on the same dried surface. Again after one day of the applying 2 nd coat, apply third coat of hydro-Seal, Ef-34 mixture prepared in same proportion of second coat on the same dried surface. Coverage:  Desalt-S01 350-400 sft/ltr and  Hydro-Seal,Ef-34 150-200sft/ltr

Permanently prevent from salt, To make surface water replant, Permanently prevent from algea, fern, fungi, moss etc., Keep the exposed surface as it as, Protect the surface from water socking.

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