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Desalt-Soi is mainly composed of Leadazole 2,3-dinitro methyl ether-4.5-dicarboxylic acid; 1.4 butanedicarboxylic acid, copper-bi-dinitro dicarboxylic acid, resinoid compounds, many more, etc. It’s the perfect anti-dot to Efflorescencing and Effervecencing salts i.e. salinity. It is a genuine sealant and also saves concrete from acid rain scientifically when applied on the surface of bricks, walls, plasters, C.C, R.C.C, mortar, bricks paint etc. Desalt-Sm permanently stops carbonation-process in the cementite’s building materials, permanently stops the formation of white tints on ceramic bricks, normal bricks or any other claded clay tiles.


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