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ConSeal WS2

Polymer Modified Semi Flexible Cementitious Waterproofing Coating

Product Description

 ConSeal WS2 is a two-component acrylic co-polymer based flexible cementitious coating that requires only on site mixing to form the ideal product to waterproof and resurface concrete, masonry, and most other construction materials. It also provides an effective barrier to waterborne salts and atmospheric gasses. ConSeal WS2 is composed of specially selected cements, silica sand and reactive fillers supplied in powder form together with a liquid component of blended acrylic copolymers and wetting agents. Usages Area 

ConSeal WS2 is strongly recommended for many waterproofing applications, such as swimming pools, balconies, bathrooms, wet areas, basements, roof waterproofing system in damp conditions where other systems cannot be used, lift pits, etc. ConSeal WS2 can also be used as a backing coat for marble, stone and other mineral based cladding to protect against rising moisture. 


  • Can be applied to freshly hardened concrete 
  • Excellent elongation and flexibility 
  •  Non-toxic, suitable for use in potable water tanks 
  •  Protection against carbonation and chlorides 
  •  Breathable coating 
  • Excellent adhesion
  •  Easy to apply by brush 
  • Increased frost and salt resistance
  •  Excellent for damp proofing basements 
  • Exhibits crack bridging and sealing property
  •  Protects from solvents water, sea-waters, etc.
  •  Very good adhesion to moist substrates 
  • Does not act as a barrier between steel and concrete 
  •  High coverage rate and easy to use


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