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Self-adhesive bitumen membrane for basements and below ground structures

Self-adhesive SBS-modified bitumen membrane ULTRAFLEX SA HDPE is designed
for waterproofing of foundations, basements and below ground structures. Thanks to
the special adhesive bitumen binder, the material can be used on surfaces, where the
standard torch-on application is forbidden. As a top layer it has a cross laminated
HDPE film, which will provide better mechanical and puncture resistance (static and
dynamic), high elongation and high dimensional stability characteristics.
ULTRAFLEX SA HDPE membranes are applied by the removal of the siliconized
film onto previously prepared surface, clear of any debris or sharp projections. The
joints should be a minimum of 100 mm and pressure rolled to ensure a good
adhesion. Primers shall be used on to porous or dusty surfaces to prepare base for
achieving most effective waterproofing longevity.
 Excellent mechanical properties in all directions (stability, tear strength
and tensile strength) due to the cross laminated PE film (HDPE) finish.
 Excellent puncture and impact resistance.
 High quality bitumen-polymer compound has the property of “self-healing”,
which gives absolute tightness in places of mechanical penetration.
 Outstanding elongation properties prevent the material from damage
caused by movements of the substrate.


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