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Con-Lub SP (Water Reducer/Plasticizer)

A High Range Water Reducer/Plasticizer, Type- F/G, ASTM-C494

Con-Lub SP is white in colour; liquid is paste like mass, depending on temperature. It is soluble in water. It is used in Reinforced Cement-Concrete, Cement-Concrete and plastering, etc. in a word, for all kind of concrete. Con-Lub SP is linear polymerize between cross-linked small lumps in the concrete masses. It also reduces water-cement ratio remarkably, procuring satisfactorily high work-abilities and strength of concrete.

Con – Lub SP mainly composed of  2, 3, 4- Hydroxyl Stearatopolycarboxalate ether, diaminolauayl oxalate, diamino citrate, excluding leadazole, aluminous derivatives of leadazole 2,3-dinitro methylethyl-4,5, dicarboxylic acid [patent No.20/94 (serial no. 1002563) int.Gl⁵ E02D 31/02], hydrolized  TRO(sulphonated), Trihydric alcohol, organic-inorganic citrate(diaminolauayl citrate)/ poly phosphate or competitive others act as one of the retardants,  competitive graft able  emulsified monomers of salts & Ester of Fatty acids & oils, etc. ; for very special properties , different ingredients remain in grafted form with the main polymer chain, catalysts and auto-catalysts.

It’s very slippery, water soluble & dispersed when used in Cementitious concrete & cement mortar passing the cementitious reaction process.

Composition of Con-Lub SP:

Name Quantity (%)
2, 3, 4- Hydroxyl Stearatopolycarboxalate ether 44%-47%
Diaminolauayl oxalate 0.6%
Diamino citrate 3-4%
Excluding leadazole 0.005%
TRO 0.25%
PolyTrihydric alcohol 0.25%
Others 12-15%
Catalyst & Auto-catalyst 0.6%
Rest are water 32.29

Technical Data:

Appearance White or a little deviation in colour & liquid to paste like mass depending on temperature
Specific Gravity 1.05±0.02  at 20 ° C
pH value 6.2±0.01
Alkali Content (%) No affecting alkali (Nil)
Chloride Content (%) 0.0 (Zero), expressed as a percentage by mass of total admixture.


  • Tested by BUET ( As per ASTM specifications)
  • Compressive Strength Test- ASTM  C39
  • Water Reducing Test- ASTM C494
  • Retarder Test – ASTM C191
  • Auto Curing Test – ASTM C39
  • Water Proof Test  – As per BUET Specifications
  • Anti-Corrosive Test- CPMR Method, BUET


  • High workability & better creeping
  • Reduce water cement ratio of concrete
  • Early & Ultimate high Strength Gaining
  • Water Reducing
  • Can be used to combat salinity, sulphate/Chloride attack
  • Partial auto curing
  • Anti-corrosive agent
  • No segregation by much vibration
  • Help in perfect compaction, Monolithic bonding
  • Reduces void, porosity, honey combs & hair cracks
  • Reduces thermal rising & protect concrete from the effect of heat of hydration etc.

Health & Safety:

No hazards and not inflammable  (Tested by BCSIR)
No health hazards and environment friendly (Tested by BCSIR)
Safe to handles and non- hazardous (Tested by BUET)
If spread in mouth or eyes, wash by much water; before taking food, hands should be washed out properly with soap or detergent.

 Usage Area:

  • Pilling Concrete
  • Superstructure
  • Bridge Concrete
  • Road, Dam Concrete
  • Industrial Concrete

All types of concreting works.


Technical Support:

Providing technical support and service on specify dosages, chemical mixing, application method and by perfect supervision


4, 8, 12, 20, & 200 Kg drum & bulk supply


250-750 ml with per bag (50 kg) or 0.5 to 1.5 % of cement content


Con – Lub SP has a minimum self-live of 2 years provided temperature is keep within the range 10 ° C – 45 ° C in normal & dry place.


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