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Plaster Surface

About Plaster Surface

  • Remove existing plaster and pointing on the damped wall/surface concern and clean the Bricks surface properly with broom, do not use water. Supply Desalt-S01 and Foam-Lub for treatment for anti-salinity and damp proof at inside and outside brick wall and palster surfaces.
  • Prepare a mixture in proportion of 1 liter of Desalt-S01, 10 liter of water and 25 ml or 1 point/mark of catalyst. Prepare a mixture of Curdy-Dense Foam-Lub Cement Grout in proportion of 2 liters of Foam-Lub, 38 liters of water and 1 bag or 50 kgs of cement. Apply 3 coats of prepared Cement Grout with a jute brush on the brick surfaces at an interval of 4 hours. For plastering brick surfaces prepare sand-cement mortar with admixture of Foam-Lub in Proportion with cement as 500ml Foam-Lub: 50 kg of cement.  Sand- Cement plaster work will be started after application of last coat of curdy-dense Foam-Lub cement grout.


  • Permanently preventing from Damp & water proofing Plaster.

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