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Foam-Lub (multipurpose concrete admixture)

FoamLub mainly composed of 2, 3, 4- Hydroxy Stearato polycarboxylate, competitive grafting emulsified monomers of salts & Ester of Fatty acids & oils, etc. ; for very special properties, different ingredients remain in a grafted form with the main polymer chain. It’s very slippery, water-soluble & dispersed when used in cementitious concrete & cement mortar passing the cementitious reaction process.

Foam-Lub is white in colour, liquid is paste like mass, depending on temperature. It is partial soluble in water. It is used in Reinforced Cement-Concrete, Cement-Concrete, and Lime-Concrete, Mosaic, water tank, tile works and plastering, etc. in a word, for all kind of concrete. There is no health hazard.

Foam-lub Helps in perfect compaction; works as very good Concrete-Lubricant; Slimy concrete does not become segregated or bleed from much vibration, moreover concrete can even be cast under running water and still be strong & water-proof.

Foam-lub is a retarder and linear polymerizer between cross-linked small lumps in the concrete masses.

Foam-lub also reduces water-cement ratio remarkably, procuring satisfactorily high work-abilities and strength of concrete.

Foam-lub makes the concrete with normal Portland cement resistant to the chloride, sulfate, carbonate salts etc of sodium and potassium commonly present in seawater. Hence, it reduces the corrosion by seawater. It is Antirust and auto-remover of rust and scales f steel in reinforced cement-concrete. It gives good binding of concrete with reinforcement permanently. It protects for any further rust formation even under saline water, stopping carbonation processes to the extreme extent.

Some Characteristics:

  1. Liquid to pest depending on temperature;
  2. White in color & soluble in water;
  3. Highly Water-proofing;
  4. Helps in perfect compaction;
  5. Create better creeping;
  6. Stop Carbonation Process;
  7. Never segregated or bleeded by much vibration;
  8. It gives better concrete even under running water;
  9. It gives better plaster & reduces cracks:
  10. No need any kind of felt/water stopper;

Usages Area

Its strongly recommended for under-ground based concrete such as Basement, Water-reservoir concrete, Cement  Mortar, Ready mix concrete, Lime concrete, Roof gardening, Swimming Pool, Water proofing & damp proofing plaster, Precast faulty basement, Ground floor, Industrial Floor , D.P.C  etc. in a word in all field of  cement using area


Optimum dosage of Foam-Lub  should be determined with trial mixes.  As a guide, a dosage range of 250 ml to 1000ml per 100kg of cement is recommended normally.


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